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leaders of the pac.

The DENPAC Board is made up of 21 board members in addition to 26 local representatives from each district dental society. DENPAC board members act as liaisons between the board and local DENPAC representatives.  They present evaluation of legislative candidate, determine campaign contributions and oversee all PAC business. DENPAC representatives are appointed by the local component president. They conduct a yearly DENPAC membership drive for their local members. They are also responsible for presenting membership pins to new members and communicating important PAC information at local society meetings.



Dr Lisa Heinrich-Null (Victoria)

Vice Chair
Dr Ralph Cooley (Conroe)
Past Chair
Dr Phil Nauert (Houston)
Dr Dan O’Dell (Austin)


Past Treasurer
Dr Kelly Keith (Austin)


New Dentist

Darryl Baucum (Austin)

TDA Board Liaison
Dr Duc "Duke" Ho (Houston)


ADPAC Liaison
Dr Mark Peppard (Austin)
CLRA Liaison
Dr Rick Black (El Paso)
Alliance Liaison
Janet Hooten (Austin)


Student Liaison
Ms Katie Sowa (Houston)






Northwest Senior Director

Dr O.Z. Helmer, Jr (Fort Worth)


Northwest Junior Director

Dr Vernon Nesmith (Wichita Falls)


Northwest Freshman Director

Dr Jay Adkins (Lubbock)


District 12 Representative

Dr Gary Greer (Fort Worth)

District 13 Representative

Dr Vernon Nesmith (Wichita Falls)


District 17 Representative

Dr Tim Simpson (Abilene)


District 18 Representative

Dr Dean Armstrong (Amarillo)


District 19 Representative

Dr Ed Wentz (Lubbock)


Northeast Senior Director

Dr Debrah Worsham (Center)


Northeast Junior Director

Dr David Ku (Lewisville)


Northeast Freshman Director

Dr Joshua Haden (Corsicana)


District 1 Representative

Dr Lee Crawford (Paris)


District 3 Representative

Dr Christopher Mack (Longview)

District 4 Representative

Dr Scott Lipscomb (Denton)


District 5 Representative

Dr David Ku (Lewisville)


District 6 Representative

Dr Joshua Haden (Corsicana)


District 11 Representative

Dr Charles Adamo (Waco)





Southwest Senior Director

Dr Alma Garza (San Antonio)


Southwest Junior Director

Dr Noel Garza (Mission)


Southwest Freshman Director

Dr Michael Najera (El Paso)


District 14 Representative

Dr Lisa Heinrich-Null (Victoria)


District 15A Representative

Dr Fred Philips (Corpus Christi)


District 15B Representative

Dr Noel Garza (Mission)


District 16 Representative

Dr Michael Najera (El Paso)

District 20 Representative

Dr Lisa Masters (San Antonio)


District 21A Representative

Dr Illene Rees (San Angelo)


District 21B Representative

Dr Wesley Hutchins (Brownwood)


District 21C Representative

Dr Andrew Wilson, III (Midland)


District 23 Representative

Dr John Bitton (Laredo )


District 24 Representative

Dr Clay Sullivan (San Marcos)






Southeast Senior Director

Dr Mark Peppard (Austin)


Southeast Junior Director

Dr Lee Clitheroe (Sugar Land)


Southeast Freshman Director

Dr Kathie Olson Triska (Beaumont)


District 2 Representative

Dr Bill Nantz (Beaumont) 
District 7 Representative

Dr Ralph Cooley (Conroe)


District 8 Representative

Dr Tommy Harrison (Katy)


District 9 Representative

Dr Bill Glenn, III (Galveston)


District 10 Representative

Dr Kelly Keith (Austin)