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How And When We Decide Support

When supporting candidates for public office, DENPAC follows a set of strict guidelines. No one person is solely responsible for authorizing a campaign contribution to a legislative official. All political expenditures must follow the specified approval process.

It is also important that DENPAC present a strong trustworthy image and continue to support our friends in the legislature while also encouraging Texas dentists to seek elected office.

Friendly Incumbent Rule

When supporting candidates for office, DENPAC follows the Friendly Incumbent Rule. This rule calls for giving to an incumbent who shares our basic philosophy and has proven himself or herself to be a “friend” of dentistry. DENPAC follows this rule except in the event of extenuating circumstances at which time the DENPAC Board may vote to overturn the rule.

Good Faith Effort

DENPAC recognizes the importance of and encourages Texas dentists to seek elective office. For this reason, if a dentist has announced his or her intention to run for a legislative office, the DENPAC Board will consult with the component society president(s) and DENPAC representative(s) from the legislative district in which the election is to be held.

When a dentist is running against an incumbent no contributions will be distributed until a good faith effort has been made to consult with the component society. If a contribution has already been delivered, no additional contributions will be approved until the good faith effort to consult has occurred.

A “good faith effort” would signify written notice to the component society president(s) and DENPAC representative(s) of the affected societies.

Campaign Contribution Calendar

DENPAC operates on 2 campaign contribution schedules: a session schedule and an election schedule.


Session Schedule

During a legislative session year, DENPAC approves campaign contribution funds only once.

Post-session (July)


Election Schedule

During an election cycle, DENPAC approves campaign contribution funds 4 times a year.

Primary (January)

Primary Runoff (March)

General (June/October)

Post-general (November)


Special Requests

Members are permitted to submit special requests for campaign contribution funds. These requests are reviewed by the legislative consultants, approved by the TDA Director of Public Affairs, and then presented to the DENPAC Board for final approval
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