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pocket change for political change.

Every legislative session brings change. Change in legislation, policy, and regulation. DENPAC exists to promote positive and productive change for dentistry in Texas. This year DENPAC is looking for a new kind of change — the kind that jingles! We are challenging all TDA members to use their small change to promote big change through what we are calling the DENPAC Change Exchange.

How does this Change Exchange work? Simply find a container of your choice and collect your pocket change throughout the year. Members can either contribute individually or combine their collection with members of their local component. Each component society will receive an official Change Exchange container, compliments of DENPAC. Components will compete to see who can collect the most “change for change.” Societies have been separated into challenge zones based on membership numbers. See below for your component’s challengers!


Want an official Change Exchange sticker? Get it here.



Need to find your component challengers? Check out the challenge zones.