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How You Can Be A Leader

Are you an officer in your local component, a member of the TDA House of Delegates, a member of a TDA council or committee, or a member of the TDA board? These are only a few of the leadership roles in organized dentistry.

Welcome to the DENPAC leadership initiative, Leading by Example. Our goal is to help educate TDA leadership on the importance of political action and ensure those leaders carry the message to the local component members.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership, by definition, is organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. Those that excel at leadership lead by example. The legislative success of the Texas Dental Association and its influence at the Texas Capitol would not be possible without the work of DENPAC. Participation by TDA leadership sets the tone for the entire membership. Let others know that DENPAC, and the work it does for the dental profession, matters.

Two simply ways you can make a difference:

1: Become a DENPAC member

2: Carry the advocacy message to your local component

Become a Member
Carry the Message