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Q1: How much money did TDA save you this year on your dental license?

A2: $200 — During the 84th Texas legislative session, the TDA successfully advocated for elimination of $200 on dentists’ annual license fee.

Q2: How many dentists are current members of the Texas Legislature?

A2: Zero! — TDA encourages member dentists who have strong community ties to seek elected and appointed offices.

Q3: What scope of practice expansion proposal did TDA defeat during the recent legislative session?

A3: Mid-level Dental Providers — The TDA protected patient safety by preventing the creation of a lesser-educated and lesser-trained mid-level dental provider.

Q4: How did TDA help reduce out-of-pocket insurance costs for dental patients in Texas?

A4: Coordination of Dental Insurance Benefits — State-regulated dental insurance plans are now required to coordinate primary and secondary insurance coverage, giving dental patients the full benefit of their insurance.

Q5: Which dental-specific statute is threatened during the Texas Sunset Commission’s review of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners?

A5: Dental Practice Act (DPA) - During the Sunset Review process, the entire DPA is under scrutiny. TDA actively works to prevent harmful changes to this statute which forms the basis of dental regulation in Texas.